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Surflight Theatre not opening this summer; declared bankruptcy

Image of the entrance to the Surflight Theatre.
There will be no professional singing and dancing at Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven this summer. It has closed its doors after 65 years.

Memorial Day weekend approaches and instead of looking forward to Surflight Theatre’s upcoming season the company announced it “is forced to cease operations after 65 seasons and file for bankruptcy,” according to its website.

The theater’s new troubles surfaced earlier this year and management tried a variety of things to keep the Jersey Shore landmark alive, but all failed. The theater’s Facebook page and Twitter account both have been closed as well. Not sure if the “fat lady” has sung, but it looks that way.

The terrible truth — and I’m guessing here — is the property the theater sits on and any other buildings it owns if worth a lot of money. But I have no clue who owns what and who gets the proceeds from a sale.

Click here to read the notice posted by Dave Kreines, chairman, Surflight Board of Trustees.

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Surflight Theatre files for bankruptcy, again, and may close its doors

Image of the entrance to the Surflight Theatre.

Sorry to hear that Surflight Theater is once again battling to stay alive, according to a report today in the Atlantic City Press.

“A lot of stuff just snowballed,” said Charlie Siedenburg, a spokesman for the theater, after the bankruptcy announcement. “Every time you think you wiped away something, up comes another creditor or debt that had been hidden.”

A 2012 fire and Hurricane Sandy both required theater operators to spend money on repairs that were not fully covered by insurance and FEMA reimbursements, operators said. In addition, attendance declined following Sandy, further putting the theater in financial trouble.

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