‘Frankenstein’ returns for Halloween; National Theatre Live schedules Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart

Very smart programming for National Theatre Live to re-release Frankenstein,” directed by Danny Boyle and starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller,” in time for Halloween.

It certainly is creepy, especially when you can see the  “Monster’s” eyes (Johnny Lee Miller) in closeups when he realizes  he can think and act independently, which you would totally miss in a theater.

Really ugly, but sensitive and emotional, the Monster tries to fit into human society, but is shunned, which leads him to seek revenge against his creator. But he is rejected, essentially, for being different.    And that’s scary, given how people who are different, unattractive, physically disabled or had “massive weight gain” are talked about by Presidential candidate Trump who seems to be a role model for many people.  It returns to movie theaters beginning Oct. 25.

Cumberbatch also returns in the title role of “Hamlet,” beginning Nov. 15. The Encore Series closes with the international hit “War Horse,”  from Dec. 6. The play is much more theatrical and visceral on stage than is the 2011 movie because of the remarkable Handspring Puppet Co., the genius behind “War Horse.” Learn about it in this TED Talk video.


And here’s what theater lovers have to look forward to from NTL and American theaters smart enough to book these shows:  the West End production of Harold Pinter’s “No Man Land” starring — drum roll, please — Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in on the schedule beginning Dec. 15.

More great news, NTL plans to bring to a movie theater near you Amadeus beginning Feb. 2, Saint Joan filmed live at the Donmar Warehouse beginning Feb. 16, and Hedda Gabler
at the National Theatre beginning March 9.

Each venue chooses which date to book the showing after the date it is released for booking.

To “find a venue near you” click here. If there isn’t one near you, ask your local movie theater why and get a petition together to ask for one. If theater can sell tickets and pop corn and drinks and get you off your couch, they will consider it. Then make sure you show up — with family and friends. Just saying’.

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