2 River Theater tonight opens new play by Mexican playwright


Ever since John Dias took over as artistic director at  the well-respected nonprofit Two River Theater, he has reached out to the local Hispanic community with various events. “Ropes” is just the latest offer in the Red Bank-based theater’s s mission to be more inclusive.

Written by Barbara Colio and translated by Maria Alexandria Beech, the theater has scheduled several Spanish language and school-time performances in addition to English performances.

Colio’s  “Cuerdas” (or “Ropes”) won the 2009 Mexican National Fine Arts Prize for Playwriting.

 Directed by Lisa Rothe and performed in the intimate Marion Huber Theater, the play focuses on Paul, Prince and Presley, the sons of an  international superstar: the greatest tight rope walker of all time. But his fame has kept him a mystery to his family, leaving each son searching for his own way to soar to new heights.

Written by one of Latin America’s leading contemporary playwrights, this moving new play reunites the three brothers who try their best to walk the “ropes” of life one step at a time.

The cast includes  Varín Ayala, Gabriel Gutiérrez, Luis Moreno.

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The translation of “Ropes” was part of the US/Mexico Playwright Exchange Program at The Lark in New York City.

Running time: Approximately 90 minutes, no intermission.