Broadway closes for storm, 2,600 ‘Hamilton’ fans are left ticketless

Broadway canceled its Saturday matinee and evening performances due to the weather.
Broadway canceled  Saturday matinee and evening performances due to weather.

During this weekends blizzard, with a state of emergency and huge delays in public transportation,  it was impossible to get into  NYC. Saturday matinee and evening performances were canceled and ticket holders were offered refunds. Which is a good thing. Unless you were one the 2,600 people with tickets to “Hamilton.”

And it gets worse if you had traveled thousands of miles from places such as Arkansas, San Diego and Los Angeles to see the show about a crucial moment in American history told by a mostly unknown black cast via hip hop music.

They will get their money back, “ Jeffrey Seller, the show’s lead producer, told the NYTimes,  “But I can’t exchange the tickets because I have nowhere to put those 2,600 people. I don’t have any tickets. They’re going to have to go to a performance nine or 10 months away.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda creates an ambitious musical portrait with "Hamilton." (Photo/ Joan Marcus)
Lin-Manuel Miranda created an ambitious musical portrait with “Hamilton.” (Photo/ Joan Marcus)

The decision to close Broadway, as well as other cultural attractions in the city, was not without precedent — but this weekend’s closings were striking for their last-minute nature, Michael Paulson wrote in the Times. At the Metropolitan Opera, audiences were already in their seats for Puccini’s “La Bohème,” while on Broadway, actors were backstage and audiences were on their way.

Of course, all of us without tickets can soothe out souls — kinda — listening to the recently  released cast album.

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