Untold ‘Sound of Music’ story Wednesday on ABC

Iconic "Sound of Music" opening scene from the film version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical starring Julie Andrews.
Iconic “Sound of Music” opening scene from the film version of the Rodgers& Hammerstein musical starring Julie Andrews.

When I was growing up the only time you could watch “The Sound of Music” movie was Easter weekend, usually the Saturday night before while dying eggs. This year you can watch the “The Untold Story of ‘The Sound of Music’.” Really.  And it doesn’t look to be at all nasty or sordid.

At 10 p.m. EST Wednesday (3/18/15) on ABC-TV,  Diane Sawyer hosts a special edition of “20/20” featuring an interview with Julie Andrews in Salzburg, the hometown of the real von Trapp family lived.

Image of scene from the movie version of "The Sound of Music."
Scene from the movie version of “The Sound of Music.”

According to a BroadwayWorld.com report, “With unprecedented access, Sawyer goes behind-the-scenes to show viewers what happened beyond the frame in those famous movie scenes and re-trace the steps of the real von Trapps.”

The show travels to landmarks including the meadow, fountain, gazebo, Mirabell Gardens and St. Michael’s Church. Julie Andrews talks about her favorite and least favorite songs.

Even Christopher Plummer, who played Captain von Trapp,” shares his insight on the movie and his special bond with Andrews.” That ought to be interesting since Plummer has said he found all aspects of making the film, except working with Andrews, unpleasant and refers to the film as “that movie,” “S&M,” or “The Sound of Mucus.”

For “Sound of Music” lovers, and they are legion, it will be must-see viewing. Count me in.

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