Cafe Edison closes today, ending a 3+ decade theater tradition

The Cafe Edison, known for its theater industry customers for decades, is closing
The Cafe Edison, 228 W. 47th St., known for its theater industry customers for decades, is closing.

A favorite among theater folks, the Cafe Edison is scheduled to close today at midnight ending decades of tradition.  Located  in the heart of the Broadway theater district near the intersection of West 47th Street and Broadway just off Times Square, the cafe represents a time long gone. Plans are to turn the space into a white table-cloth restaurant with a name chef. That’s how progress is defined, I suppose.

On the night “The Boy From Oz” opened (Oct. 16, 2003) I had the good fortune to trail Michael Mulheren around to write a story about actors’ rituals on such exciting nights. The Tony Award-nominee has enjoyed nine openings from “One the Waterfront” to “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.”  One of his rituals is to eat a bowl of matzo ball soup at the Cafe Edison, located in the Art Deco Edison Hotel.  Guess that’s in the past now.

The New York Times has written several stories about the closing.

Here’s a link to “Over Blintzes, Savoring and Saying Goodbye to Cafe Edison.

Theater people have been making pilgrimages to the cafe and the New York Times Style section’s A Night Out With feature focuses on some. Here’s a link to that story.