The fight over ‘American Psycho’ just insane

I guess it’s the price of doing business when a musical that has the makings of a Broadway hit gets snatched away from an off-Broadway house.

As Patrick Healy reports in the NYTimes today, two veteran Broadway producers’ sharp elbows caused the new-to-NYC producers of  “American Psycho” to bypass Second Stage and go straight to the Great White Way. The California-based company Act 4 Entertainment produces movies and is new to theater.

That leaves Second Stage scrambling for a show to fill its February spot in that company’s season and delays the NYC debut of “AP” until a year from now. The show had its world premiere last winter in London to mixed-to-favorable reviews, Healy reports.

My 21-year-old son is very disappointed. He is a big fan of Duncan Sheik (“Spring Awakenings”) who wrote the score for this show based on Brett Easton’s 1991 best-selling book.

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