‘Alchemist’ opens at Shakespeare Theatre of NJ

“The Alchemist,” considered Ben Jonson’s best work, began performances last night here in New Jersey. It’s a “rowdy, bawdy, lunatic comedy about con men in 1610 (that) shows how little has changed about greed or gullibility in the affairs of mankind,” according to the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey in Madison.

Ben Jonson's 1610 satire "The Alchemist" now is playing at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey through Aug. 31 on the Drew University campus in Madison. Call 973-408-5600 for details.
Ben Jonson’s 1610 satire “The Alchemist” is  at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey through Aug. 31 at Drew University, Madison. Call 973-408-5600 for details.

Directed by Bonnie Monte, the company’s excellent artistic director, the satire continues through Aug. 31. The Renaissance work has been performed almost continuously since it’s debut. Not like Shakespeare, but often enough. But as we know,  greed and a corrupting influence has never gone out of style. Ask Gordon Gekko. The show apparently remains popular today as many of these performances already have limited seating, according to its buy tickets here web page. Easy train out from NYC, too. Bucolic setting. Nice eateries. Short walk to theater through campus. Sound tempting yet?

Can’t wait to take my two kids, who are 21 and 23. They love this venue.